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Dec 10, 2022 | 9am - 5pm

The defending state champion Lake Travis High School men’s soccer team invites our community, Boys and girls, to join our 11th annual 3v3 tournament fundraiser for all levels of skill and age. And we will also have an adult division for weekend warriors to showcase their 3v3 skills.


Finally, our Silent Auction returns with terrific items up for bid, so be sure to stop by the prize tables. Bids can be made in the Silent Auction from 10am-4pm. 3v3 results will be announced along with auction winners at tournament’s end.

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Youth Division​

$125 per team. Depending on numbers, this division will be split into gender specific divisions or allow for coed teams. Coaches can also choose to move up a level. Ages 6-14 no older than 8th grade. 

Adult Division​

$150 per team. Ages  18+ whether it is gender specific or coed. All genders will be playing in this one division. We hope to see some LT Alumni playing!

3v3 2022

Credit: Chris Casey - Website:

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