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Outdoor Football Training

Lake Travis High School Men’s Soccer Team Development Process

We are fortunate to have an athletic period every day in which we are able to work soccer specific training, weight training, and any other necessary skills to build the strongest individual players we can in preparation for the season. 


We will allow all freshmen, new athletes to the school, and existing players who made a team the previous year into these athletic periods. However, we plan to utilize the first two weeks of the off-season in order to get to know the athletes and evaluate their abilities. At that point, if we feel there is a large enough gap in an athlete's abilities relative to their peers, we will remove those athletes from the athletic period. This does not mean the athlete cannot try out for the team in November…it means, given the number of players and the need for coaches to have a number of kids which will allow for proper athlete and team development, some athletes will be removed during those first two weeks of the off-season. Maintaining a safe environment in which athletes can progress and thus have an avenue for success within team sports is the number one priority.


Team Development Process:


  • August 21st - 25th: Initial evaluation phase and removal of athletes from period who do not meet initial standards

  • August 28th - November 17th: Off-Season Development

  • November 27th - 28th: Official Try-out for Teams

  • November 29th: Coaches Optional try-out day (limited number)...Season Begins!

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