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Lake Travis High School Men’s Soccer Booster Club

Supporting the team through donations and volunteerism

The school district does not provide financial support for many of our expenses, including travel, equipment, and meals.  Booster club participation is imperative to the success of our soccer team.  100% of your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation provides uniforms, equipment, tournament costs, transportation, and program development throughout the year!

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Booster Club Board 2023-2024

Matthew Jordan


Jessica Vega


Rhonda Tucker

Vice President

Maggie Fitzgerald


To contact the board, email

Booster Club Members 2023 - 2024

Thank you for your support!

GOLD membership  |  $300

Allemann Family

Carroll Family

Cutrone Family

Files Family

Hayden Family

Kvitek Family

Meyer Family

Pryor Family

Sadat Family

Trapp Family

Bellanger Family

Casey Family

Dilworth Family

Fitzgerald Family

Jordan Family

Lazzara Family

Navarro Family

Puga Family

Sewell Family

Tucker Family

Benner Family

Consentino Family

Díaz Figueroa Family

Han Family

Kitchin Family

McDonald Family

Peccedi Family

Roldan Family

Shelton Family

Weber Family

SILVER membership  |  $200

Boyer Family

Fisher Family

Kenworthy Family

Sanchez Family

Crespell Family

Garza Family

Mayfield Family

Young Family

Donnelly Family

Imbesi Family

Ryan Family

Zaki Warfel Family

Assini Family

Hunt Family

Wise Family

Fleischman Family

Pataky Family

Hilderbrand Family

Roberts Family

BRONZE membership  |  $100

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