The student-athletes of the Lake Travis Men's Soccer program push to achieve their best both in the classroom and on the pitch.  The coaches, on a daily basis,  instill an attitude in the players to never accept mediocrity and always push to be the best as a person, student and player.



Thursday 9/3 at 6:30pm: Google Hangout Meeting. Use your son's school account.

Hi Parents,

I hope you all are well and safe. I wanted to send you all a quick update on Strength and Conditioning.


We will be hosting Men's Soccer Strength and Conditioning beginning tomorrow morning. Coaches will be there to lead the athletes in a work out that will involve speed and agility, strengthening and endurance training. The obvious purpose of this is to continue to provide an opportunity for the athletes to further advance themselves athletically and to prepare them more for the upcoming season.


Although this is a voluntary workout, I highly encourage all those willing to make it a priority to attend. We will begin promptly at 7am and be off the field at 7:45 to guarantee they have time to be in 1st period class. This will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings this week. We will adhere to social distancing guidelines during this workout as it is a non-contact designed workout.


All athletes are required to attend wearing a mask and must keep the mask on during all times we are not in an active work out. Athletes will also need to have their own water bottle for the work out. I truly hope I have the opportunity to see all the athletes there.


Thank you. 

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