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3v3 Tournament - Sat, Dec 16, 2023

Registration & Credit Card Payment

Registration is OVER for this event

Register by Nov 15 - $150 per team

Register by Nov 30 - $175 per team

Register by Dec 12 - $200 per team

Tournament is open to all players, girls and boys, ages 6-14 (8th grade & younger only) plus adults (older than high school).  

All games will take place 9am-5pm.  Adult division games will be scheduled 2pm-5pm.

Teams should register based on the birth year of their oldest player. (Example: if the oldest player on your team was born on 1/1/2014, the team would register for the “2014” division. Please note that a player may play in a division older than his/her age, but not in a younger division. Players must be in 8th grade or below.  Depending on numbers, these divisions could be split by gender or coed. Registration asks team to designate if they are a boys or girls team. Co-ed teams should register as a boys team.  Coaches can also choose to move up a level.  Adult players should be older than high school age.

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Thank you for registering!

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