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Lake Travis High School Men’s Soccer Booster Club

Supporting the team through donations, membership or volunteerism

Financial support from our community is imperative to the success of our sports program, as our district funding does not cover all our expenses; we truly need your assistance to help our soccer team reach their goals. 100% of your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation goes to help provide uniforms, equipment, tournaments, soccer clinics, program development, transportation throughout the year.

Board members

Jamal Alsaffar


Paul Schantz


Rhonda Tucker

Vice President

Booster club members (2022 - 2023)

Thank you for your support!

GOLD membership  |  $300

Alexa Trapp

Alsaffar-Higginbotham family

Benner family

Casey family

Dilworth family

Ladyrose Kvitek

Maxom Alekseykin


Sara Korzen

Soor-el Puga

Alexandre Palus

Andrea Berens

Black family

Chauvette family

Files family

Lazzara Consulting, Inc.

Mir Sadat

Pryor family

Schantz family

Tucker family

Allemann family

Barba family

Bowen family

Cutrone family

Jordan family

Marco Estrada

Paranidharan family

Randy Pryor

Sherry Sanders

Weber family

SILVER membership  |  $200

James family


Sanchez family

Uecker family

Arnold family

Lawrence Fleischman

Sanders family

Wright family

Huerta family

Ricardo Cancino

Sewell family

Boyer family

Hollis family

Maggie Fitzgerald

Paula Lopez-Munon

Sauwalux Rhoden

Wilkinson family

Brent Phillips

Jiwa family

Maureen Doane

Rick & Susan Thompson

T. DibenedettoI

Cruz family

Kosarek family

Meredith Ketron

Robert Worrall

Teddy Franklin

BRONZE membership  |  $100

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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